Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

The word surgery, revolves our imagination around hospital stay, general anesthesia or an uncomfortable & drawn out recovery period. The fact is that most common oral surgical procedures are done at JR Dental usually require only local anaesthesia & they won’t interfere with normal activity for more than a day or two.

Common oral surgical procedures performed at JR Dental:

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Facial Trauma

Facial Infections

An infection in the face, neck or jaws may require an oral surgeon to drain the infected area and treat any teeth that may be causing the infection or affected by it.

Periodontal Surgery

Other type of oral surgery focused on the structures surrounding the teeth rather than the teeth themselves. For eg. if you have gum recession periodontal plastic surgery may be recommended to protect tooth roots that have become exposed & are endangered to decay.

Bone Grafting

If bone loss is the issue, tooth supporting bone can be rebuilt with routine grafting techniques. This procedure has allowed many people to get dental implants, when they wouldn't have otherwise good candidates for this life changing tooth replacement technology.

Temporo Mandibular Joint Pain

Inability to open the mouth, limited mouth opening, or pain in Temporomandibular joint seeks an immediate attention of an oral surgeon. Any kind of TMJ problem should be treated at the earliest any kind of delay leads to irreversible changes in joint.

Maxillofacial Pathology

If you have noticed any kind of swelling in your mouth or facial region whether its painful or not immediately seek an advice from Maxillofacial Surgeon as reason behind such swelling could be a jaw Cyst, jaw tumor or facial infection. Delay may only aggrevate the condition

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