Root Canal Treatment

Nothing looks or function like your own natural teeth and with the right care, your smile can last a lifetime. But problems like decay disease or injury can threaten teeth and ruin your smile.

One-way teeth can be saved is with the procedure called Root Canal Treatment (RCT).

Root canal treatment in dentistry focused on treating disease for injury to dental pulp. The treatment not only relieves you of pain but also saves your tooth.

Your teeth get nourishment through the dental pulp, which contains nerves & blood vessels. Sometimes because of decay, infection or injury to the dental pulp, root canal treatment is required. 

You might be apprehensive if you are about to having your first Root Canal Treatment. Well, don’t worry the step-by-step guide below will allow you to know what will happen ahead of time and is almost half of the battle.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The first step when the tooth is selected for an RCT is numbing the tooth and associated structures. This is done by administering local anesthesia into the nerve supplying the tooth or into the tooth itself. During this process, you might feel a little pinch just like when you accidentally bit your cheek or tongue sometimes.

The second step is the application of separating barrier (called a rubber dam) for your tooth. This step causes no pain or discomfort and allows the clinician a dry, clean space to work on.

After the rubber dam is applied, the debris covering the tooth is removed and an access opening is made. This opening provides access to the pulp chamber. The coronal pulp (crown portion) is removed and root preparation begins. Once the roots are cleaned they are treated with various antimicrobials and disinfectants. The roots are then sealed with a biocompatible material called gutta- percha and sealant. The crown is built up of an adequate tooth- colored material.

In case there are large portions of the tooth missing, another procedure called the post and core is carried out.

At JR Dental we believe firmly in conservative treatments and in saving all preservable structures, because nothing can replace what was naturally there in your mouth.

By using state of the art technologies like digital imaging, apex locators and endomotors, we relieve your pain and discomfort quickly, painlessly & comfortably.

At JR Dental we are well equipped in doing single sitting root canal treatment with our ultra-modern machines and technology. But sometimes it is necessary to wait till the infection subsides completely

For a painless root canal treatment experience book your appointment today with Dr Pranshu Tripathi at JR Dental.

At Our Dental Clinic, we make sure that one should not feel any pain during the entire Root canal treatment. We pride ourselves in providing a painless solution for all your dental needs. No prosthesis can match your original teeth. By this vision, we believe root canal treatment cost you minimal in saving your natural teeth.

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